Author Advocacy is a unique aspect of the featured functions of Word Pearls Press, LLC. We believe in the author as having a purpose of transitioning thought to final product for the benefit of the reader. Innovative and free-thinking, Word Pearls Press offers the indie-author what other entities do not: representation with due diligence in the world of literary formatting. How does this translate into actual service?


Word Pearls Press, LLC, prides itself on developing the concept of author accountability for today's writer. When that last word is written, the writer says "It is done." Actually, it's only beginning.

And knowing the creative forces flowing through the writer are already anxious to initiate a new project, Word Pearls Press says, "No, we must walk this current project through to the end."

Thus, the accountability process begins. Throughout the BETA and END Reading processes, the design, editing and formatting processes, and stepping through the hoops of copyright, ISBN, Library of Congress, you can count on our commitment to hold you accountable for the end product: your published book! Your reader deserves this from you. Your reader is waiting. Your reader is anxious to share the good news of your writing.

Together, we will create a timeframe, so when the last thing you want to do is review your manuscript for the upteenth time, Word Pearls Press is there for you, reminding you that the days are ticking away. We will encourage you, coach you, cheer you and remind you that you are nearing the finish line.


True, every aspect of indie-publishing is possible with a computer, but Word Pearls Press believes that your job is to write, not administrate. So leave the processes of copyright, ISBN's, and Library of Congress registration to us. We have these steps down to a science, for that very reason. Plus, unless you desire to create your own publishing company, the added benefits of having your book professionalized by experts, will assure your legacy of words a bright future.


We will assist you in creating a circle of positive influencers, who will critique your work with respect, honesty, while holding you to a level of professional accountability. Utilizing your data base of contacts as well as those of Word Pearls Press, these influencers - referred to as BETA Readers - will absorb your manuscript in whatever manner you choose, individual chapter or front to back, and return to you, a manuscript marked with personalized input on how you can make your work the best it can be. It is amazing what can transpire, when a few feelers are put out on your behalf and who, for the simple sake of contributing to the cause of world literacy, will assist you. To what extent you incorporate this input into your finished masterpiece remains for you to determine. The ultimate objective is for the smoothest transition possible from your thoughts, to your words, to your sentences, to your paragraphs or poems, to your chapters, to your book, to take place. At the point that you deliver your most polished manuscript to Word Pearls Press, you can rest assured that your best work has been achieved.

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